/: create/symlink failed, no inodes free

Martin Zibert schpeko at gmail.com
Tue Nov 22 18:59:08 GMT 2005

On 11/22/05, Mark Tinguely <tinguely at casselton.net> wrote:
> Here is what I do:
> Choose the Custom option (top menu)
> Choose Partition
> A Use Entire Disk
> (if the Disk Geometry does not look correct, then you may have
> BIOS geometry issues). Assuming the FreeBSD partition is 4/8 G, exit
> Q
> I like the standard MBR boot manager
> Choose Label
> D (delete any unix partitions that are there)
> C (create partitions for / (256 M) /usr (2 GB) /home (rest))
> make sure the newfs is going to be run
> Q (quit)
> Choose the Distributions (as a test, just choose the binaries and docs
> only)
> Choose commit

when i do this everything looks ok.. press commit - i choose ftp server and
then it hangs up resolving the ip.. if i press ctrl+c it prompts for
restart/abort/continue install. choose restart and then i do everything from
the beginning like you told me - AND IT WORKS OK- it even resolvs ip!
both configurations are the same - no changes made! but for the first time
it doesn't work, for the second it does.
very very wierd thing ;) as i said, i have used 2 diferent disks, 2 diferent
cdroms - all the same!
any ideas?
i'll try to install from cd tomorrow.. i hope it goes ok.

thanks guys for the help.. but you should really see this, because in all 5
years that i've used freebsd i never saw such thing.
if anyone comes to any ideas, please post it here.

thanks again, martin

The only place that I can think the install program should fail is if
> the Disk Geometry is not being read correctly.

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