iSCSI support

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Tue Nov 22 18:14:22 GMT 2005

>> affect of transfer speed for ONE process reading one file, but not 
>> multiuser system.
> Regardless of whether iSCSI is any good, it's a common access method for SAN 
> devices, and from what I've been told, may be the *only* access method.  So 
AFAIK it's SCSI over FC, SCSI over IP was next probably to eliminate 
expensive FC, that was "invented" first to make things more expensive.
looks like politicians - first they get 1000$, then give 100$ back and 
say how much they gave ;)

anyway - for already existing iSCSI devices driver won't hurt of course, 
but i'm sure nobody that understand things won't invest in such 

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