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Jerry McAllister jerrymc at clunix.cl.msu.edu
Tue Nov 22 18:09:45 GMT 2005

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> > > Jean-Paul Natola
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> Well I would think I would want all my configuration files, for the main
> applications EXIM CLAM ETC,  so that when I reinstalled via ftp or cd, I
> don't have to go in and make the changes to say , the exim cf file,  the
> custom rules I have for SA etc,,
> I do believe the bulk would be in  /usr/local

Well, that isn't much in size terms.   A lot of that would
be in either /etc or /usr/local/etc.   You could also dump
root which is not big or make a little script that copies
the config files you want that are not already in one of the
dumped filesystems, over to some special space in one of 
those dumped filesystems.   Then, if you ever need to recover
them, they would be in a convenient place.   

That would be more likely needed after tinkering with them
than from a system failure anyway.  So, having a copy living
somewhere convenient that does not require a restore could
come in handy as well.


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