Does FreeBSD 6.0 fully support PCI-Express?

Hans Nieser hans at
Tue Nov 22 12:47:50 GMT 2005

Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
> This is correct.  The various driver authors who have been
> affected by the PCI Express issue have implemented logic in
> their probe code that activates the devices on pci express busses,
> so for most devices it's a non-issue.  But this is kludgy and
> there's been discussion in the core as to try to get someone
> to write a PCI Express driver that would talk to the bus
> and would handle the devices the way the buss is intended.
> You still get weirdness though - for example on several Intel
> motherboards that have PCI Express that I've run FBSD on,
> the BSD kernel complains about no interrupt being available
> for the serial port.  But the serial port works anyway.
> I'm surprised you didn't find this with Google, it's in
> there.  Perhaps look through the mailing list archives?
> As far as I know Nvidia hasn't allowed Xorg to write drivers
> for their cards, all the nvidia drivers out there are
> binaries from Nvidia.  This for me would cross that card
> off my list.
> In any case, this really isn't a FreeBSD issue, it's an Xorg
> issue and you should ask on those mailing lists.  Others have
> had Nvidia troubles for other reasons and should be able to
> better advise you.

Many thanks for your clarification Ted. I did post to freebsd-x11 but the 
list seems relatively low-traffic and unfortunately got no responses. 
Through google the closest I got to a possible answer was a post about PCI 
Express support as a kind of hack-job (on freebsd-arch, I think) but it 
didn't really provide a definite answer to me about wether or not my card 
  was in fact limited by FreeBSD/nvidia's (lacking) PCI-Express support.

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