Does FreeBSD 6.0 fully support PCI-Express?

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at
Tue Nov 22 11:19:13 GMT 2005

This is correct.  The various driver authors who have been
affected by the PCI Express issue have implemented logic in
their probe code that activates the devices on pci express busses,
so for most devices it's a non-issue.  But this is kludgy and
there's been discussion in the core as to try to get someone
to write a PCI Express driver that would talk to the bus
and would handle the devices the way the buss is intended.

You still get weirdness though - for example on several Intel
motherboards that have PCI Express that I've run FBSD on,
the BSD kernel complains about no interrupt being available
for the serial port.  But the serial port works anyway.

I'm surprised you didn't find this with Google, it's in
there.  Perhaps look through the mailing list archives?

As far as I know Nvidia hasn't allowed Xorg to write drivers
for their cards, all the nvidia drivers out there are
binaries from Nvidia.  This for me would cross that card
off my list.

In any case, this really isn't a FreeBSD issue, it's an Xorg
issue and you should ask on those mailing lists.  Others have
had Nvidia troubles for other reasons and should be able to
better advise you.


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>Subject: Does FreeBSD 6.0 fully support PCI-Express?
>Hi list,
>I've been having troubles getting OpenGL applications'
>performance up to
>par. I have an Nvidia Geforce 6800GT with a PCI-Express interface and I
>use nvidia's closed FreeBSD drivers.
>I have been told that FreeBSD (and consequently the nvidia
>driver) do not
>fully support PCI-Express which makes my card operate at the
>same speed of
>a plain old PCI bus, which would be a logical explanation for
>my troubles.
>I have however not been able to find _anything_ on the matter on google
>and I am now wondering how much truth there is to this.
>My question is in the subject, I hope someone can clarify this as I it
>will help me decide to get an AGP card instead or perhaps keep
>trying to
>figure out if I have misconfigured something.
>Thanks in advance,
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