linuxpluginwrapper (was linuxflashplugin)

myfreebsd at myfreebsd at
Mon Nov 21 15:00:04 GMT 2005

>Actually I just figured it out. There's a WITH_PLUGINS knob >in the port 
>makefile that I don't remember from before. Now it links >plugins. One problem 
>though, it puts them in browser_linux_plugins which native >firefox doesn't 
>see. I relinked them into browser_plugins and now it works >again. realplayer 
>still doesn't work, but that's an old problem. Looks like >that port is a bit 
>broken so I'll fire the maintainer an email.

So there is a make option to install plugins for a port name linuxpluginwrapper? Does this strike anyone else as odd? One would think that it would install these plugins by default and allow you to choose which plugins to install by the make options IMHO.


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