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On Nov 19, 2005, at 2:02 AM, Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:

>> Indeed. But this is not Solaris 10 - thats when all of this changed.
> I never understood why anyone would go to Solaris 10 unless they had a
> 64 bit processor and compiled all their apps under a 64 bit compiler.
> Sun
> didn't either, which is why they originally didn't come out with a
> Solaris x86
> version of Solaris 10  They only came out with it after much  
> screaming.

I run it (Solaris 10) on a dual Athlon 2800+ MP box.  As a server.   
No X-Windows.  To run java.  And it runs java better than the same  
box did with Linux and the sun jvm.  Before I had a disk failure that  
the software based raid did not handle well, it was running Linux.   
After I upgraded to an LSI RAID card I went to Solaris 10.  Same HW.   
And there is no disk IO except for incidental system stuff since the  
java apps themselves are nfs mounted from a FreeBSD box and the  
databases are all on other machines.  So the LSI HW card (only used  
to do mirroring of the system for reliability) has no advantage over  
the standard highpoint chipset and software raid that was on the  
linux box and is not the foundation of the performance differences.

So Solaris 10 on 32bit x86 works well for non desktop needs.  It  
works better on the 64bit chips of course :-) but you use what you  


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