Why my Freebsd 4.11 box keeps rebooting ?

Vladimir Dvorak dvorakv at vdsoft.org
Fri Nov 18 18:53:34 GMT 2005

Jian Guo wrote:

>My Freebsd 4.11 boxes is used as a firewall and proxy
>server.(ipfilter 3.4.35, squid 2.5 stable 7 is
>intalled on Dell Poweredge700). 
>On 11/11/2005 and only on that day, the box keep
>rebooting  every 20 mins to several hours. After the
>first reboot, I diable the proxy server and only let
>firewall run.( another service is sshd and no other
>service). After 20 mins it rebooted again, so I
>swithed to a backup firewall, the same configuration
>4.11 only sshd ipfilter and no proxy, but different
>hardware. Then 30 mins later it rebooted again.
>Then I swithed back the original box(only firewall)
>and try find any log errors, but I could find nothing
>wrong and the system was runnig normal,no over load,
>no much traffic. And it kept rebooting for several
>times. In the everning, it remained stable, and keeps
>running without problems until now(for a week). 
>I am so confused with it. I am the only one that
>managed the box, and I checked the login files ,
>nobody just me.
>Any body has some clues about it?
>Name: Jian Guo
>Email: jefguo at yahoo.com
Hello Jian,

isn`t it electricity infrastructure problem ? Do you have stable UPS ?


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