Sound Configuration, Sony Laptop with ac97

Peter Clutton peterclutton at
Thu Nov 17 09:05:01 GMT 2005

On 11/17/05, Dev Tugnait <dev at> wrote:
> Do a kldload snd_driver, then test your sound. This loads all the sound
> drivers...then go from there

Ok i have done a kldload snd_driver and it recognises it perfectly.
Got Ac97 and ID and memory info etc on the dmesg line. However nothing
actually comes out of the speaker. I am using gnome. It asked me to
run esd which i did, and esd program didn't return my prompt. I left
it, and even after a reboot it was avaliable in my "Multimedia
Selector" which also lets you run a test on output. I got no sound
from speakers, or from connecting to external speaker/headphones.
Also tested CD's, which I could see the program were "playing" but
nothing coming out. However when I open "Volume Control" it is set to
"OSS - Null" and not esd. Could this be causing a problem? I did play
around with OSS at one stage trying to get it work. Is there any other
way to test the device?

By the was, the speakers themselves are turned up, as well as the
Volume control in gnome.

It seems strange as the driver recognises the sound device perfectly
(i added snd_driver_load="YES" to /boot/loader.conf and that works
too) but yet there is no sound. Any ideas?? Thanks very much for the
help so far.

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