Sound Configuration, Sony Laptop with ac97

Dev Tugnait dev at
Thu Nov 17 00:20:05 GMT 2005

Try opensound drivers

On Thu, 2005-11-17 at 09:41 +1100, Peter Clutton wrote:
> On 11/17/05, Dev Tugnait <dev at> wrote:
> > Do a kldload snd_driver, then test your sound. This loads all the sound
> > drivers...then go from there
> Thanks for that, I forgot to mention I had tried that to no avail. It
> doesn't seem to recognise it. I will do it again so I can say exactly
> what happens when i do that. I was wondering if anyone knew a specific
> kernel option, like snd_sbc that supports this chip, and what steps
> others have gone through with this chip. I may have done something
> wrong when doing kldload snd_driver so will go through it again.
> >>>myfreebsd at
> Thank you but I did read the manual online, as always before posting.
> I also have the printed versions, to support the docos. I just did not
> find anything specific to this chip (understandable, not every chip
> can be mentioned) nor did i find much about it in association with
> freebsd when googling it, and was worrying it may not be supported, or
> might take some knowledge i don't have, or is not listed, to configure
> it. I will go back to googling.
Dev Tugnait <dev at>

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