Intresting X Question...

Malcolm Kay malcolm.kay at
Thu Nov 17 07:35:26 GMT 2005

On Wed, 16 Nov 2005 05:47 pm, Eric Murphy wrote:
> Malcolm Kay wrote:
> >On Wed, 16 Nov 2005 03:31 pm, Eric Murphy wrote:
> >>Maybe some body can explain this alittle better then my
> >> google searchs and other readings.
> >>
> >>My question is this: Lets say your installing BSD on some
> >>workstation, you dont know the hardware specs of the monitor
> >>(Vertical and Horizontal rates ect..) and you need to
> >>configure Xorg. Its my understanding that Xorg runs
> >> getconfig, which determines the video card type and monitor
> >> type. Once it has that information it applys the
> >> information gatherd to the xorg config. Is that how it
> >> works? I was going to say, it cant just test a bunch of
> >> differnt monitor rates that could cause damage to the
> >> monitor.
> >
> >Most modern monitors respond to Xorg's enquiry over an I2C
> > bus as to its capabilities.
> >If this doesn't work then maybe:
> >* The monitor is too old.
> >* The monitor doesn't subscribe to the 'standards'.
> >* Somehow the I2C bus is not working.
> >* The monitor manufacturer was overly optermistic when
> > setting up the information base for reporting over I2C
> >
> >It is not a trial and error situation.
> >
> >Malcolm
> >
> >>However today in one of our labs I installed bsd on a
> >> machine and was unable to get xorg working properly becuase
> >> getconfig wasnt issueing the correct H and V rates for the
> >> monitor, I didnt know what to do without having to look it
> >> up. Anyway if someone could explain this process I would be
> >> much obliged. Thanks
> If thats the case, why did it work with linux running Xorg? 
> So I guess the main way to do it, if you want to figure out
> the values, is look at the example xorg.conf and see what
> values it pulled?

Probably because linux retrieved the values from the monitor.
Why didn't Xorg on FreeBSD? Maybe there is a faulty connection in 
the monitor lead; maybe a lot of things. But I suspect is not the way to go. You should be able to see what
linux actually found/setup in one of the xorg log files. Try 
perusing /var/log/Xorg.0.log


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