Release engineering confusion

Steve Bertrand iaccounts at
Thu Nov 17 00:45:37 GMT 2005


> >>> In production (at an ISP), what is the best to
> >> follow...RELENGX_X or
> >>> RELENG_X? I have 4.x, 5.x boxes in production, and this 
> 6.x box is 
> >>> being prepared for the same.
> >>
> >> See the Handbook:
> >>
> >> Who Needs FreeBSD-STABLE?
> >
> > Thank you. However, that entire page out of the handbook 
> pretty much 
> > clarifies that a production environment should *not* track either 
> >
> > So I'm assuming I'm best off with RELENG_6_0 etc, etc? Does anyone 
> > here actually run STABLE or CURRENT in a production 
> environment? I've 
> > personally had the most luck with RELENG_4 which is still 
> my main box, 
> > but now my curiosity has got the best of me.
> I generally track -RELEASE but my production boxes are currently at  
> 5.4-STABLE from a while ago since there was an issue I was trying to  
> fix and was hoping someone had put a patch in to fix whatever my  
> issue was :-)  My issue has not shown up since and my boxes 
> have been  
> working fine.
> But in general I play it conservative and track -RELEASE

Thanks Chad,

Do you 'sup and build in a devel lab first, or do you perform your
upgrades in real-time, and if something fails go from there?

I've found it to be ok when something fails (only lived with FBSD since
4.5), as usually it fails during build (which doesn't cause downtime),
and after the reboot after installkernel (which can be reverted by using
your backup of your previous kernel, or if you don't make a direct
backup, essentially kernel.old) that you can get back up and running
very quickly.


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