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Thu Nov 17 00:37:52 GMT 2005

On Nov 16, 2005, at 5:18 PM, Steve Bertrand wrote:

>>> In production (at an ISP), what is the best to
>> follow...RELENGX_X or
>>> RELENG_X? I have 4.x, 5.x boxes in production, and this 6.x box is
>>> being prepared for the same.
>> See the Handbook:
>> Who Needs FreeBSD-STABLE?
> Thank you. However, that entire page out of the handbook pretty much
> clarifies that a production environment should *not* track either  
> So I'm assuming I'm best off with RELENG_6_0 etc, etc? Does anyone  
> here
> actually run STABLE or CURRENT in a production environment? I've
> personally had the most luck with RELENG_4 which is still my main box,
> but now my curiosity has got the best of me.

I generally track -RELEASE but my production boxes are currently at  
5.4-STABLE from a while ago since there was an issue I was trying to  
fix and was hoping someone had put a patch in to fix whatever my  
issue was :-)  My issue has not shown up since and my boxes have been  
working fine.

But in general I play it conservative and track -RELEASE


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