help re-writing boot record

Derek Ragona derek at
Wed Nov 16 22:50:14 GMT 2005

I have read the handbook and man pages but found some inconsistencies, so 
that has prompted my question to the list.  Also, I am being careful in 
needing to re-write the boot record because this is an older system that 
won't boot FreeBSD correctly from CD-ROM or from floppy (it will boot from 
floppy but cannot find the floppy drive it booted from, a strange weird 
problem from the BIOS.)

I have a system running FreeBSD 4.11 Release.  This system has 2 SCSI drives.

At one time this system was a dual boot system, that has since been 
dedicated to only FreeBSD.  I needed more space in the root partition and 
have utilized the other OS partitions re-labeling them as FreeBSD and doing 
newfs on them, and moving all the files.  The system will boot from the new 
root partition, but not automatically.

The new root partition is on:

I have added a boot.config file, but that hasn't helped.  My boot.config 
file contains:

When I need to reboot this system, I have to type in this at the boot 
prompt when the system complains it cannot find the boot device:
to get the system to boot.

So, what do I need to do to re-label the disk(s) to get the system to boot 

Thanks for any help.

         derek at

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