Steve Bertrand iaccounts at ibctech.ca
Wed Nov 16 21:12:13 GMT 2005

> At least now I know that it *can* work, I just have to figure 
> out how to get it to come up itself ;)

I finally, finally FINALLY got this up and running!!! I don't know
exactly what I did differently, but I decided to just break down and
start from scratch.

- reset CMOS settings to default
- configured the SATA controller as RAID
- configured BIOS to boot off SATA RAID
- deleted and recreated the RAID mirror via the Intel config manager
- installed FreeBSD (6.0-RELEASE), configuring ar0 as the destination
for install
- popped out the CD, rebooted and HOORAAAAYY!!

I could of swarn that I'd done that several times, but it may of been
the order I did it this time or something. Now I've got my 4GB RAM,
200GB RAID P4 2.8 ready to do something useful. (It's been a paperweight
for over a month and a half ;)

Thanks to all who gave any input into this issue!


> Steve
> > 

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