Status of 6.0 for production systems

Mark Bucciarelli mark at
Wed Nov 16 18:58:58 GMT 2005

Wow, did this thread veer off-topic!

On Tue, Nov 15, 2005 at 11:50:40PM +0000, Chris wrote:
> That is indeed a waste but consider that in that year the PC at 150
> watts

This is probably a high estimate, especially for an older, single-cpu 

> has consumed 60 times as much power as the router at 2.5 watts. I make
> that 1314kWh for the PC and 21.9kWh for the router 24/7 for a year.
> Anyone know how much power it takes to manufacture and deliver a small
> router? And maybe other routers last a bit longer.

You can probably get an idea from extrapolating these figures [1]:

RAM:  11.4 kWh and   32   L water for 32 MB chip
CPU:   1.4 kWh and    5.9 L water per square-cm silicon wafer
LCD: 553   kWh and 2394   L water for a 15" monitor

A dragonball CPU (2 dies each .343cm x .343 cm) requires 0.3 kWh and 

The impact of producing a CPU seems low to me, especially when compared
to the RAM. Needs to do some more research ... :)


[1] Environmnetal Implications of New Wireless Technologies: 
    News Delivery and Business Meetings
    by Michael W. Toffel, Haas School of Biz, UCal Berkely
    and Arpad Horvath, Civil Eng, UCal Berkely
    accepted for publication 3/18/2004 in American Chemical Society

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