Sound Configuration, Sony Laptop with ac97

Peter Clutton peterclutton at
Wed Nov 16 04:49:13 GMT 2005

Hi everyone, wondering if anybody could help me out. I'm running
FreeBSD 5.4-release on a Sony Vaio, and just about everything worked
right off the bat. However when starting Gnome, i get a message about
how it can't open the sound device, and sound just isn't working for

The sound device listed in Sony's specs says ac97-compatible on board
sound. I tried the open source sound drivers with no luck. Has anybody
else been successful getting this sound device up and running? I know
it's quite a common chip (my desktop, m$, uses it aswell). Is there
perhaps just an option I can add to the kernel? That would be a
no-brainer, i just need to know what to add.

Feel free to ask for more info, I will post exact messages, specs, and
output from any commands that may help you. Thanks in advance.

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