USB Problems with Scanjet 3400c

Blue Raccoon blue.raccoon at
Tue Nov 15 20:00:40 GMT 2005


Thanks for your tips.

On Tuesday 15 November 2005 18:37, Joe Altman wrote:
> I suggest trying to put this after the "niash" in the dll.conf file:
>  :/dev/uscanner0

I did, but it makes no difference.

> And you know that your USB port works, because you use XP on this
> machine, correct?


> You will also need to set up device bits, in /etc/devfs.conf:
> #####Scanner
> perm    uscanner0       <the perms you wish to have, like 0660 or 0666>

Perms I wish to have? I'm afraid that means nothing to me.

> I suggest here: <>
> and here: <>.

They have a patch (source code) that can alter the SANE source to become 
Scanjet3400c compatible. I may have to look into that, but I also found this 
in the patch documentation:

before trying to make your scanner work, call:
$ less /proc/bus/usb/devices
if your scanning device is not listed by name, you probably
have a 3400C or 4300C and difficulties with the kernel-usb.
The forum will give you information, how to change the
kernel code, to make your scanner work.

My /proc/ is totally empty.
It is not clear what forum they are referring to.
Even more frightening is this, in the SANE documentation:

To get your scanner detected by the uscanner driver, it may be necessary to
add its vendor and device ids to the kernel and recompile. Use MAKEDEV to
generate the /dev/uscanner* files if they are not already there. Use
sane-find-scanner to find your scanner and edit your backend's configuration
file appropriately.

Good point, since I have no /dev/uscanner* - but I have no MAKEDEV command 
either! And there are more lines I simply do not understand:

If you want to use libusb, your scanner should *not* be claimed by the
uscanner driver. Make sure, that /dev/ugen* and /dev/usb* devices are
available. Use /dev/MAKEDEV to create them, if necessary.

I come straight from Windows XP. Perhaps I bit off a bit more than I can 
chew...  Can this be solved by a newbie?

thanks again,


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