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>   20. USB Problems with Scanjet 3400c (Blue Raccoon)
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> Hi,
> I am VERY new to FreeBSD and am having serious problems setting up my HP 
> Scanjet 3400c. I installed the SANE back-end and it cannot find any
> scanners. 

So I take it the above means that sane-find-scanner returns no
information on your scanner, and scanimage -L will also fail? (BTW:
you may need some sort of frontend AKA GUI; something like the Sane
Project's frontend, or XSane's frontend).

I just checked /usr/local/etc/sane.d/ and there seems to be no backend
for this scanner, IFF the backend for this model of 3400 is
sane-niash[1]. In dll.conf, there is a line for niash; I suggest
trying to put this after the "niash" in the dll.conf file:


so that you have this line:


then reboot, to see if it works. You can read about it in the man page
for dll.conf, sane-dll.

I think this might work, as there is an entry in /usr/local/lib/sane/:

~ $: grep -i niash /usr/local/lib/sane/*
Binary file /usr/local/lib/sane/ matches
Binary file /usr/local/lib/sane/ matches

But I dont' know, since my HP is a 2200C.

> I don't think SANE is to blame though, because the dmesg command shows (among 
> other things) this:
> uscanner0: Hew product 0x0405, rev 1.00/0.00, addr 2
> uscanner0: setting config no failed
> device_attach: uscanner0 attach returned 6
> uhub0: port 2, set config at addr 2 failed
> uhub0: device problem (STALLED), disabling port 2

And you know that your USB port works, because you use XP on this
machine, correct?

> There is no point in loading the scanner from the command line, because 
> 'kldload uscanner' brings up:
> kldload: can't load uscanner: File exists

You will also need to set up device bits, in /etc/devfs.conf:

perm    uscanner0       <the perms you wish to have, like 0660 or 0666>

> I compiled a kernel (just to see if I could), but the GENERIC kernel also 
> chokes on the scanner. I did include 
> device usb
> device uhci
> device ohci
> device uscanner

That should be all you need.

> in my kernel though.
> I am running FreeBSD 6.0 (release) on a 4 year old PC (900 Mhz Pentium).
> And the scanner is fine, by the way (No problems with XP).

I suggest here: <> 
and here: <>.

[1] The Sane Project indicates that it is new; so perhaps that backend
    has not yet made it into the distribution? I don't know...

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