problem with vidcontrol

Gilbert Fernandes gilbert.fernandes at
Mon Nov 14 09:40:13 GMT 2005

> # Options to change console resolution
> options    VESA
> options    SC_PIXEL_MODE

I have done the same on my laptop. Well, I only compiled a new kernel
with SC_PIXEL_MODE and I load the VESA module on boot.

> The problem is that when I try to change to a graphic resolution like
> 800x600x16, 1024x768x16 or 1280x1024x16 my computer hangs and the box
> sometimes start to make a continuous noise with the internal speaker.

I assume you did use vidcontrol -i mode and then you are trying to
change the raster resolution using :

vidcontrol MODE_XXX

where XXX is the code for the mode you want, and which appears as
supported when using "vidcontrol -i mode" ?

> When I use vidcontrol -i mode I can see that the modes that I try are
> supported by my hardware, modes like 273, 276, 279 and 282.

Some won't work. On my own laptop (Thinkpad IBM X30) I have some modes
that either give me a black screen while others give me a faint display
with flickering vertical refresh.

I use the real resolution from the 12 " screen and it works : 1024x768
using 16 bit (works in 32 bit also).

Have you loaded on this terminal a 8x8 font so the display is OK when
you change the resolution too ?

unzip ; strip ; touch ; grep ; finger ; mount ; fsck ; more ; yes ;
fsck ; umount ; sleep

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