problem with vidcontrol

Javier Matos javierlu at
Sun Nov 13 21:02:01 GMT 2005

Hello, I will explain my problem... I hope that someone can indicate me a possible solution... .

I was setting all necessary in my kernel to use resolutions like 1024x768 or above and I add the next lines to my kernel

# Options to change console resolution
options    VESA
options    SC_PIXEL_MODE

The problem is that when I try to change to a graphic resolution like 800x600x16, 1024x768x16 or 1280x1024x16 my computer hangs and the box sometimes start to make a continuous noise with the internal speaker.

I test that modes before format and install the OS because my previous HDD was broken.
When I use vidcontrol -i mode I can see that the modes that I try are supported by my hardware, modes like 273, 276, 279 and 282.
Before change my hard drive that modes were possible... why now they are not possible?

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