Upgrading application(s)

Micah micahjon at ywave.com
Fri Nov 11 18:43:37 GMT 2005

Sasa Stupar wrote:
> Hi!
> I am quite new to freebsd. I have several applications build from the 
> ports collection. When some port change for a new version (I cvsup my 
> ports collection) how do I do upgrade of that application? Is it the 
> same as for the first time: just go to the port I want and then type 
> make and make install or is there another way?
> Regards,
> Sasa

As was already pointed out portmanager and portupgrade are the automated 
way of doing it, and both are quite good.  To do it the manual way you 
need to go to the port you want to install and do a make deinstall 
before the make install otherwise it'll complain about the port already 
being installed.


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