Wireless Card Suggestion

Tim Holmes tim at unixtechs.org
Fri Nov 11 05:07:25 GMT 2005

I've finally decided to add wireless to my gateway.  It's already doing
all my gateway and firewall duties, and more and more people are coming
over with wireless devices and I'd like to offer them the option of using
my network.  Instead of buying a wireless router, I plan to just add a 
card to my existing server and go from there.  But I'd like some suggestions
on cards to check out.

I have a friend who's using a Linksys card, but he's uses a Linksys router.
The one he uses is 54Mbps, and I've seen a number of 108Mbps and 125Mbps.
Since I'm using this for a gateway, should I go for a card with higher Mbps?
Or do you really think that will make a difference?

Either way, I'd like you guys' suggestions on a wireless card that will do 
the trick, and let me know what speed you'd recommend as well.

Thanks for the help again!


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