Dear People Advantages of BSD Especially in Java 1.5_05 Programming

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Thu Nov 10 22:54:10 GMT 2005

   Thursday, November 10, 2005 12:47:27
   Dear People
       Where may I find documentation and discussion
   about FreeBSD and Java from Sun MicroSystems.
   I have a Windows 98 SE Intel Machine
   that is mostly dedicated to Java1.5_05, JMF Media
   and Java 3D all from Sun Microsystems.
   It is Just Getting Good. Are there to be advantages
   using Free BSD 6.0 when it comes to Java ?
   Should I get a CD now or would it be better
   to wait for more Java interoperability ?
   Where might I find more about Free BSD 6.0 ?
   Thankyou Very Much
   Very Sincerely
   Mark Childs [cid:part1.08020704.01000809 at]
   :-) ;-) 8-)


  Thankyou Very Much

  Very Sincerely

  Mark Childs

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