save-entropy on 6.0 release bit sensitive to rc.conf

Mark Rowlands mark.rowlands at
Thu Nov 10 18:44:06 GMT 2005

I enabled inetd in my usually sloppy fashion in 6.0 release

(which so far is making me smile in a way i haven't since
4.something, three cheers for the developers hip hip......)

inetd_enable="YES"# -- enabled inetd 10-11-2005 -- mwr

(note the missing space between " and #.

this does not break startup 

However it definitely breaks /usr/libexec/save-entropy causing a 
"-- not found message"

Further investigation showed that

inetd_enable="YES"#-- enabled inetd 10-11-2005 -- mwr

gives a  "enabled  not found" message

man rc.conf gives no guidance as to proper use of # comments in rc.conf
(cf man (5)  newsyslog.conf)

but I guess folks should know? or am i being picky?

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