After 6.0-RELEASE, still cannot find ATA disk com VIA8235

Andrew P. infofarmer at
Thu Nov 10 18:27:18 GMT 2005

On 11/10/05, João Carlos Mendes Luis <jonny at> wrote:
> Andrew P. wrote:
> >
> > Please, do some research (googling) before asking
> > such questions, as they usually require much more
> > info.
>      I did, indeed, and found absolutely nothing.  Do you have some info I
> don't?  Please tell me.

I just was annoyed that you didn't get the make
of your IDE controller right.

> >
> > Your motherboard has VIA P4M266A chipset, carrying
> > VT8233A on board. Ata(4) driver is not completely newhat,
> > in 6.0, and it has supported this very IDE controller for
> > some time already. Please consult your motherboard's
>      I may be teorettically supported, but it is not working, and it is the only
> operating system with problems.  The errors in 5.4 led me to believe the
> problems were related to some kind of timing, but could get no further from this.
>      I did even search google to see if any other soul related any usage of
> FreeBSD with this MoBo, just to find nothing.  Or worse, to find other people
> with the same problems:
>      I have even found one that say changing APIC would solve the problem, but
> this did not solve mine:
>      I already did all this, and even disabled ACPI, which you did not
> mentioned, but is almost always the big villain.  May we get back to -stable
> now?  Or did I miss something I should have done before getting out of
> -questions?  Maybe -hackers, and not -stable, since this is now like hacking to me.
>     Or maybe the Hardware compatibility list shoud be changed to note this MoBo
> is incompatible with FreeBSD.

stable@ and current@ are for discussions specific to
stable and current branches, which this issue is not.

Try disconnecting the HDD, placing the CDROM on
primary master and trying to boot, please.

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