After 6.0-RELEASE, still cannot find ATA disk com VIA8235

João Carlos Mendes Luis jonny at
Thu Nov 10 17:48:58 GMT 2005

Andrew P. wrote:
> On 11/10/05, João Carlos Mendes Luis <jonny at> wrote:
>>     After 5.4-RELEASE I did try to install FreeBSD on a spare desktop at work,
>>but it failed to boot, with a kernel trap 12 and ATA_IDENTIFY time out.
>>     Knowning that 6.0 has a completely new ata driver, I did it again.  Now the
>>system boots, and shows absolutely no error message.  But also could not
>>identify neither the Samsung Hard disk, nor the CDROM on the VIA8235 ata interface.
>>     This same machine is running Fedora Core 3 and Windows XP SP2 perfectly.
>>Indeedm this email is comming out from it, over Windows XP.
>>     The motherboard is an ASUS P4VP-MX, with a 2.0GHz P4 CPU, and 1G RAM.  The
>>harddisk is a Samsung SP0411N, on primary master, and the CDROM is an LG
>>GCR-8523B, on secondary slave.  I also did try with a DVD-writer on secondary
>>master, with no success.
>>     Any ideas?
>>     TIA,
>>                Jonny
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> Please, do some research (googling) before asking
> such questions, as they usually require much more
> info.

     I did, indeed, and found absolutely nothing.  Do you have some info I 
don't?  Please tell me.

> Your motherboard has VIA P4M266A chipset, carrying
> VT8233A on board. Ata(4) driver is not completely new

     IIRC, Soren had rewritten lots of its code, and named it ata-mk3, for it is 
the third ata code generation.

     Anyway, the behavior is totally different, so even if I did not know that, 
I would assume something has changed.

> in 6.0, and it has supported this very IDE controller for
> some time already. Please consult your motherboard's

     I may be teorettically supported, but it is not working, and it is the only 
operating system with problems.  The errors in 5.4 led me to believe the 
problems were related to some kind of timing, but could get no further from this.

     I did even search google to see if any other soul related any usage of 
FreeBSD with this MoBo, just to find nothing.  Or worse, to find other people 
with the same problems:

     I have even found one that say changing APIC would solve the problem, but 
this did not solve mine:

     Nor his:

     I found even my original message on 5.4-RELEASE, at this same MoBo.

    Note that in all these, only one had an answer, and this did not work.

> manual (I can't download it as all Asus sites behave very
> badly) and disable all non-standard options, you can try
> some thing like "Load safe defaults" or "Load optimized
> defaults".
 > BTW, this question belongs to questions@, so cc there.

     I already did all this, and even disabled ACPI, which you did not 
mentioned, but is almost always the big villain.  May we get back to -stable 
now?  Or did I miss something I should have done before getting out of 
-questions?  Maybe -hackers, and not -stable, since this is now like hacking to me.

    Or maybe the Hardware compatibility list shoud be changed to note this MoBo 
is incompatible with FreeBSD.

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