CPU affinity in new ULE scheduler

Ian Lord mailing-lists at msdi.ca
Thu Nov 10 00:08:21 GMT 2005

Are you saying that ULE is slower then 4BSD ?

I'm new to this and when I compiled my kernel, it was "clear" ULE was 
a better alternative for performance then 4BSD


At 19:05 2005-11-09, Kris Kennaway wrote:
>On Wed, Nov 09, 2005 at 04:16:31PM -0600, Jon Brisbin wrote:
> > I can't find any information on how to set the CPU affinity for 
> processes in the
> > FreeBSD 6 ULE scheduler.
>That's because you can't.  ULE gives lower performance on the
>workloads I have tested anyway.  This may be fixed in the future.

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