Web Balancing with multicast

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Wed Nov 9 17:51:42 GMT 2005

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Subject: Web Balancing with multicast

> Hi,
> is there an application to load balance web traffic using multicast
> on freebsd ?
> We have web servers currently running NLB (network load balancing) on
> windows 2003 that  works this way (simplified for clarity):
> We have server A that listen on ip
> We have server A that listen on ip
> Both server also listen to "virtual ip" That ip is in
> fact a multicast ip so that a request going to that ip is received by
> both server. Windows load balancing then decide which of the 2
> machines process the request. It also adapts itself if a server is
> added or removed from the cluster (manually or on a failure)
> I saw there is a way with freebsd to add a machine in front of the
> cluster that will direct the traffic and load balance the traffic
> between a group of computers, but I'm looking for a solution similar
> to windows load balancing that doesnt require a dedicated machine in
> front of the cluster.
> If someone knows of an app that could do that, I would appreciate if
> you could give me a url for the software in question...
> Please don't mention solutions that require the use of a dedicated
> machine in front of the cluster. If there is no way to do this on
> freebsd, I will simply use a cisco load balancer in front of my freebsd
> Thanks a lot

Please see CARP:

I think this might be what you are looking for.

Best, Jon

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