bruteforce not restarting pf?

Sam Nilsson lists at
Wed Nov 9 08:31:59 GMT 2005

Dave wrote:
> Checking my bruteforce table ;i see in it, so it was 
> added, but i don't get why future connections were permitted unless pf 
> was not restarted or informed about the updated table.

which table are you checking? the in-memory table that pf uses or the 
on-disk table? are you saying that the ip is inserted into the text file 
but that it doesn't get added to the firewall? the way my setup works, updates the text file *and* runs pfctl to update 
the firewall since AFAIK, the firewall doesn't watch the text file for 

Make sure that you edit the settings in the script 
itself. For instance, if your firewall table (the one in memory) isn't 
getting updated, make sure that you have the $pfctl variable setup 

- Sam

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