Hi - I have question

Dan Rue drue at therub.org
Tue Nov 8 17:10:23 GMT 2005

On Tue Nov 1 06:10:18 PST 2005, Giorgos Keramidas wrote:
>On 2005-10-31 18:42, Nataly Afek <natalya at spiralsolutions.com> wrote:
>> 1) I'm working with Freebsd 5.3 and i want to know 
>>    when will the support of this version will be finished?
>5.3-RELEASE was an "early adopter" release.  Sice then, a lot of
>important bugs have been fixed in the RELENG_5 branch.  You should
>definitely try updating to a newer version, like 5.4-RELEASE or even
>5-STABLE, as soon as possible.

This is bad advise.  5.3 was not an early adopter release - it was the
first stable/production release of the 5 branch.  Furthermore, according
to http://www.freebsd.org/security/, it is support until at least
October 31, 2006.  The original poster just has to update 5.3 to get the
latest security updates according to the handbook.

And lastly, it is bad advise to upgrade to 5-STABLE.  5-STABLE is the 5
development branch, and should not be run unless you know better.
General users should stick with releases.  In this case, the original
poster's options are stay with 5.3 (and probably grab the security
updates), upgrade to 5.4, or to 6.0.


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