How to sort find results

Jeffrey Ellis jellis at
Mon Nov 7 22:08:09 GMT 2005

Y'know, being a newbie at something is about as stupid as things generally
get. So I'm feeling totally dumb at the moment.

The directory I need to perform the find on, when using find, is just "/".

find -x /

The -x is to limit the find to only the startup volume.

But when I try:

# ./date_sort /

I get:

use: bad interpreter: No such file or directory

I am in the proper directory (the one where date_sort is located) and did
the chmod.

Something really obvious right? Like the directory for this script to do the
same thing find is doing needs a different form?

All My Best,

on 11/7/05 12:24 PM, David Fleck at david.fleck at wrote:

> On Mon, 7 Nov 2005, Jeffrey Ellis wrote:
>> Hi, David--
>> Thank you.
>> Wow. That looks great...
>> Um... Can you tell me how to run it?
> Assuming you've saved everything from '#!/usr/bin/perl' to the final '}',
> inclusive, to a file, name the file something, like 'date_sort'. Then
>    chmod +x date_sort
>    ./date_sort /directory/to/sort
> I use this primarily on directory hierarchies of regular files, so I'm not
> guaranteeing what will happen if you use it on directories that contain
> other sorts of files.
> --
> David Fleck
> david.fleck at

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