Slow file transfer

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Mon Nov 7 21:22:20 GMT 2005

Olivier Nicole <on at> writes:

> I am suffering from slow file transfer on a FreeBSD machine.
> The set-up is as follow:
> Router1 is connected to Router2 that is connected to sFTP server
> Router1 and Router2 are the same motherboard, same BIOS configuration,
> same CPU, both have same type hard disk (Seagate ATA 10 and 20 GB) and
> both are running the same version of freeBSD 4.10-RELEASE-p16 with the
> same softwares (Zebra and xorp basically).
> Router2 has 128MB ram while Router1 has only 64MB.
> Both machine load are close to 0.00
> When I do a file transfer from Router1 to sFTP server (through
> Router2) I get a transfer rate of 511 KB/s.
> When I do a file transfer from Router2 to sFTP server (one less hop) I
> can only get 87 KB/s.
> The transfer rates remains the same all along the day (this is not due
> at a specific traffic high load at the time I gathered data).
> While the setup has not changed for months, the slowness is very recent.
> I must admitthat I am clueless about what could be the reason and help
> would be greatly appreciated.

Could be a duplex mismatch.  Look for collision statistics.

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