6.0 panics on boot

Derek Ragona derek at computinginnovations.com
Mon Nov 7 01:34:56 GMT 2005

At 07:19 PM 11/6/2005, Hans Nieser wrote:
>Derek Ragona wrote:
>>I have a computer that has been running FreeBSD 4.X and 5.X without
>>problems.  It runs 5.4 with no problems at all.  This system has an Intel 
>>845 Motherboard and chipset, Intel Pentium 4 1.6 GHz CPU, 1 GB RAM, 
>>NVidea GEForce MX/MX 400 video card, atapi CD-RW, IDE hard drive, 
>>standard floppy.  Nothing very exotic in this hardware.
>>I tried first to cvsup to 6.0, and rebuild everything.  The build was 
>>fine including a custom kernel, but when I tried to boot the new 6.0, I 
>>got a panic, Fatal trap 12, page fault at the NVidea driver in the 
>>boot.  So I re-booted the kernel.old, reverted my sources to 5.4 and 
>>rebuilt the system all again.
>>As the system rebuilt I downloaded and burned the ISO 6.0 image.
>>I tried to boot the ISO image and do a binary upgrade.  The CD booted 6.0 
>>fine, and the upgrade installed with only one error that the X.org was 
>>already present.  When I tried to boot the new 6.0 GENERIC kernel that 
>>was installed, I got the same panic/page fault error I had when I updated 
>>via cvsup.
>>But since the same GENERIC kernel boots fine from CD I suspect there may 
>>be some loader options I might need?  I'd appreciate any help with 
>>getting 6.0 to boot without the panic.
>Hi Derek,
>You probably just have to stop the nvidia driver from loading by 
>specifying "unset nvidia_load" at the boot prompt and reinstall the nvidia 
>driver once the system is booted.
>That's what I did at least, and I have had no problems while I've heard 
>from other people that didn't disable and rebuilt their nvidia drivers 
>that they also got panics on boot.


Let me see if I understand the process.  When I go to boot 6.0, escape to 
the boot prompt, then type:
unset nvidia_load

Once the system boots then, how do I reinstall the nvidia driver?  That 
last step has me confused.  Would I rebuild the kernel again?  Or something 


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