NFS Installation Issues

Matthew Smith matt at
Sun Nov 6 20:28:41 GMT 2005

>>My problem is that when I select the installation source, Ethernet is
>>not amongst the options (just SLIP, PPP and something else weird).
> That "something weird" could well be the ethernet card. unlike Linux,
> the ethernet devices are not all named "ethX', but are named after the
> driver. So it could be e.g. sk0, xl0, dc0, de0, fxp0, vr0 etc.
>>I assume that there's a kernel module not loaded, so after looking
>>further through the documentation, I found that I should be able to put
>>a line in /boot/defaults/loader.conf.  Since the installation so far was
>>actually bootable (that's one up on Linux!), I did this.  All this did
>>for me was to generate a warning that the module was already loaded.
> Then try to use the "something weird" as the ethernet device.

Thanks for that Roland - I've had another look, but the "something
weird" is PLIP, which I believe to be some parallel port communication

So, my real question remains: how does one get a network card
recognised?  One piece of documentation refers to kernel configuration
as part of the installation process - I don't know if that's for an
older version, because this step certainly doesn't show up on mine.



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