NFS Installation Issues

Roland Smith rsmith at
Sun Nov 6 10:24:59 GMT 2005

On Sun, Nov 06, 2005 at 07:51:29PM +1030, Matthew Smith wrote:
> Hi
> Having used AIX for about twenty years and Linux for nearly ten, I have
> decided to start exploring the possibilities of FreeBSD and have just
> downloaded the ISOs for Version 6/i386.
> I have attempted to do an install from CD, but am getting failures on
> quite a few files - possibly because I only had yucky CDRWs to put my
> ISOs on and the CD drive in the machine is quite old.  So, I decided to
> copy the CD to a directory on another machine, make an NFS share (which
> works - I checked it from yet another machine), and just use the CD to boot.
> My problem is that when I select the installation source, Ethernet is
> not amongst the options (just SLIP, PPP and something else weird).

That "something weird" could well be the ethernet card. unlike Linux,
the ethernet devices are not all named "ethX', but are named after the
driver. So it could be e.g. sk0, xl0, dc0, de0, fxp0, vr0 etc.

> I assume that there's a kernel module not loaded, so after looking
> further through the documentation, I found that I should be able to put
> a line in /boot/defaults/loader.conf.  Since the installation so far was
> actually bootable (that's one up on Linux!), I did this.  All this did
> for me was to generate a warning that the module was already loaded.

Then try to use the "something weird" as the ethernet device.

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