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>If the process gets reversed based on the fervent outcry of a small 
>number of people who think they have somehow been disenfranchised, 
>that would be just as silly as the oft-repeated "this whole thing 
>was done to please offended right-wingers" argument.

No, it just puts us back to square one again, whereupon we can
do it right by having a vote on whether or not it needs to be
changed.  If the userbase voted for creating a logo and replacing
Beastie with it, nobody would be complaining.

>There was a process (seems to me it was a fair process), it's over, 
>and some factions lost, particularly the "don't change anything" 

A disingenuous argument if there was one - the "don't change anything"
faction lost as soon as the process came into being, because the
existence of the process predicated a change.

This is like when the US president claims the US needs to keep putting
fresh troops into Iraq because the deaths of the previous soldiers
would be in vain if it pulled out and the country collapsed.

Nowhere in that argument is the point that maybe the US should
not have ever gone in to begin with.  Implied in that argument is
"we fucked up and we are going to fix it by continuing to fuck up"
exactly as you are arguing here.

The problem was there was no fair process that established that
a process for change was ever needed to begin with.  None of the
"don't change anything" faction has issue with how the contest
itself operated, the issue is the decision to have a contest to
begin with.

>(b) did not participate in the process except to heartily denounce 
>the very existence of the process and its goal

Well of course - since what established the need for the
existence of the process to begin with?  A bunch of ass-umptions
of a small number of people.

>(c) even now outright refuse to go and be part of the advocacy@ 
>community where this discussion is germane to that list charter

You mean, like your doing here?

>Biggest. Bike. Shed. Ever.

If you don't care, why are you joining the discussion?

It is facinating how many people feel the need to jump in to
this thread, loudly proclaiming it's completely unimportant and
there is a big problem because it's not going away.  When will
those folks understand that their jumping in is keeping the
thread going?

If you -really- feel it's a bikeshed discussion, then your
silence speaks louder than words.  Methinks the maiden doth
protest too much.


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