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Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at
Sat Nov 5 09:48:15 GMT 2005

Yes, the decision can be reversed.

Simply do not use the new logo on anything you produce for
FreeBSD, such as CDROM copies for customer server installs,
web pages you may create that discuss FreeBSD, graphic images
you might use as backgrounds, computer presentations, etc.

Do not purchase or spend money on any commercial FreeBSD product
that uses the new logo, such as CDROM pressings, books, etc. and
make sure to let the producers of the items know why.  Be aware
that book authors have considerable say in the artwork that goes
on book covers, even if they do not create it, and a book publisher
will do anything to avoid pissing people off - with the controversy
over Beastie vs. the new logo, any book publisher and/or author
would most likely avoid using both images on their book covers
at this point.  (Note the covers of many of the current FreeBSD

Do not link to webpages that use the new logo.

Hold the core team to their promise that the new logo will
not supplant Beastie, which means that Beastie imagery
will still be present on the FreeBSD website on some pages.

If that is done the new logo will remain an artifact of the
index page on the FreeBSD website.

Such "voting with the feet" has been used by the user base in
the past with FreeBSD very successfully.  That is why, for
example, there is no longer a Seagate ST01 scsi adapter card
driver in FreeBSD, or a floppy controller tape drive driver.
The userbase didn't want them.  By contrast when the core team
tried killing the Adaptec 1520/1510 driver the userbase howled
and core eventually put forth the effort to rewrite it for
cam. (and still is present to this day)


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>after reading the original competition posting, it seems that it was
>orchestrated by the "core" @ freebsd
>it would be interesting to learn the total # of "core" members, and how
>the vote went, yay and nay, and whether, it at all, the "core" is
>hearing the message which seems to be emanating from the "non-core"..
>IOW, can the decision be reversed? is it being considered? if not, it's
>all moot.
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