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Peter Clutton peterclutton at
Fri Nov 4 15:29:39 PST 2005

On 11/4/05, Alex Zbyslaw <xfb52 at> wrote:
> Peter Clutton wrote:
> >>Ted wrote:
> >>
> >>Your opinion, they probably wouldn't agree.  If you decide Beastie isn't
> >>important enough to bother defending, that's your choice.  Of course I
> >>will note that you had no problem getting the attention for your books
> >>by using Beastie images on their covers.
> >>
> >>
> >[...]
> >
> >And if you're referring using the beastie on his book The Complete
> >FreeBSD, I hardly think it was responsible for it's success. Might
> >have something to do with being one of the best books on FreeBSD
> >sysadmin out there at the moment. Can't comment on his other books,
> >haven't read them.
> >
> >
> Indeed, I expect the book was successful because it got good
> word-of-mouth reviews, though I also expect that anyone still buying
> things from a bookshop would have instantly recognised it as a FreeBSD
> book thanks precisely to Beastie on the cover.  If Beastie is on the
> spine as well, then it makes it easy to pick out from your bookshelf.

While I have no disagreement with what you've said, and while i
personally like the beastie, and the new design, I have to push the
point that no, it wasn't the beastie that let me know it was about
FreeBSD, it was, well, the very large letters that say FreeBSD on the
cover and spine! I would have had to have been walking around with a
large magnifying glass to spot the beasties from afar on that book,
they are tiny.

Anyway, it isn't really the point, (it was about personal attacks not
being necessary),  and your opinion of this way of doing things not
discouraging argument has merit.

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