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Greg Barniskis nalists at
Thu Nov 3 23:55:56 GMT 2005

Jim Pazarena wrote:
> after reading the original competition posting, it seems that it was
> orchestrated by the "core" @ freebsd
> it would be interesting to learn the total # of "core" members, and how
> the vote went, yay and nay, and whether, it at all, the "core" is
> hearing the message which seems to be emanating from the "non-core"..

Sigh. "*the message*"? Mixed messages at best. Some like it. A few 
more don't. A number really, really don't like it at all. Many, 
many, many, many, many more are completely silent on the topic, 
meaning they really don't give a flying /dev/null.

> IOW, can the decision be reversed? is it being considered? 

If the process gets reversed based on the fervent outcry of a small 
number of people who think they have somehow been disenfranchised, 
that would be just as silly as the oft-repeated "this whole thing 
was done to please offended right-wingers" argument.

There was a process (seems to me it was a fair process), it's over, 
and some factions lost, particularly the "don't change anything" 
faction. By gosh and gee willikers, what a surprise.

Seems to me like those who are up in arms over this:
(a) had every chance to participate in the process
(b) did not participate in the process except to heartily denounce 
the very existence of the process and its goal
(c) even now outright refuse to go and be part of the advocacy@ 
community where this discussion is germane to that list charter
(d) need a real big mop for all the spilled milk and tears

Hey... take NetBSD's flag logo, flip it vertically, draw some more 
lines, update the text, and walla! a FreeBSD mop logo! Perfecto.

Biggest. Bike. Shed. Ever.

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