volunteer computer-geek to help us for FREE? please contact !

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at toybox.placo.com
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  I would feel a lot more comfortable that you weren't just a
spammer asking for help if I didn't see that spray.no domain
showing up as a spamhaus here:




And those are just the easy ones I googled.



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>Hello !!!                              
>we send out donation links now a days!  pluss send old 
>computers for Africa. we register importent  
>books/articles/science ALL from prosessors of all kinds pluss 
>much much more to translate print free etc. 
>we do more importent stuff but red cross still outruns us sometimes
>But now we got many BIG software problem-tasks & asks for help
>Example 1: a clock-file that limits the speed for sending group 
>mail.(we bought the most excpencive version)makes us BIG problem.
>a program limit-send-speed file in  the group mail program we bought
>is set to 6  thousand per hour maximum. How to dobble this?
>  -needle in a heystack-job?maybe use auto search program to find it???
>Name of the program is group mail version 3.4.214
>we can even use tips  on all our projects example this 
>limitation file  name, 
>we tried talk with infacta for extended speed but they couldnt help
>Download program here: 
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