volunteer computer-geek to help us for FREE? please contact !

jan tore aquarius at spray.no
Thu Nov 3 10:45:29 GMT 2005

Hello !!!                              
we send out donation links now a days!  pluss send old computers for Africa. we register importent  books/articles/science ALL from prosessors of all kinds pluss much much more to translate print free etc. 
we do more importent stuff but red cross still outruns us sometimes
But now we got many BIG software problem-tasks & asks for help
Example 1: a clock-file that limits the speed for sending group mail.(we bought the most excpencive version)makes us BIG problem.
a program limit-send-speed file in  the group mail program we bought
is set to 6  thousand per hour maximum. How to dobble this?
  -needle in a heystack-job?maybe use auto search program to find it???
Name of the program is group mail version 3.4.214
we can even use tips  on all our projects example this limitation file  name, 
we tried talk with infacta for extended speed but they couldnt help

Download program here: 

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