CPU Hang after upgrade to -STABLE

budsz budiyt at gmail.com
Thu Nov 3 12:17:25 GMT 2005

Hi Folks

I use FreeBSD 4.10 -RELEASE for gateway with DSL Modem connection, so
far so good, but one day I decide to upgrade to 4.11 -STABLE version,
I don't know why with the same hardware suddenly my CPU hang, nothing
to do except press riset button.

I didn't find any log message so very difficult for us to find the
solution. I try to downgrade with FreeBSD 4.10 -RELEASE again, so the
trouble doesn't appear.

I've contact vendor hardware for solve problem, but they said my CPU
is OK, I don't know if the DSL modem doesn't compatible with -STABLE
version, or other hardware maybe?

I was running (CPU+FreeBSD -STABLE version) three years ago with
wireless connection, after I change to DSL modem, I get problem CPU

Would you like to guide me how to solve problem or at least advice.

Thank You.


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