Derek derekm.nospam at rogers.com
Wed Nov 2 19:33:10 PST 2005

John wrote:
>>>pid 22 (fsck), uid 0: exited on signal 11 Segmentation fault #
>>And what's happend if you reboot and do this again ?
> This happens every time I reboot, same messages, if I just do a fsck (no -y)
> and answer no to this Clear? question, I get a second, similar  BAD/DUP FILE
> I= 3219137 ...

It might be worth while if you can get a second disk, to do a dump, or
dd of the first disk over to it, and then trying to fsck with a newer
version on the copy (so you can go back if you need to).

FreeSBIE would be an ideal choice for this:


(eg.  put the two disks in a machine, boot from the FreeSBIE CD, copy
the one disk over, fsck the copy, and then try and boot the copy).

I suspect you'll need to use dd because of the filesystem corruption.

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