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Jerry McAllister jerrymc at
Wed Nov 2 16:31:12 PST 2005

Re: the new "logo"

Although it may be reasonable to create a FreeBSD logo to supplant 
the Beastie mascot, unfortunately this thing that has seemingly won 
a contest is not a logo.   It is really just another mascot, this 
time with a kind of Pokemon kind of look to it.   

Now that is fine if you want yet another mascot with a somewhat
different look.   But, if you are looking for a logo to represent
FreeBSD, this doesn't do it.   

It doesn't look rock stable, or powerful.   It doesn't represent a 
server nor a network tool nor a data processor and, despite its Pokemon 
appearance, not even like a game server.   It doesn't have anything
about it that looks like an open source community supported project.

Actually, it makes me think more of that flighty thing they have to 
catch in the Quidich game in Harry Potter, only in a different color.   
Which doesn't represent either stability or service to me, but
rather elusiveness and unmanageability.

So, it's cute, sort of, if you like those sort of things.

But, it is not a _logo_ to represent FreeBSD.


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