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Bob Ababurko ababurko at
Wed Nov 2 06:57:45 PST 2005

Chad Leigh -- Shire.Net LLC wrote:
> On Nov 1, 2005, at 11:13 PM, Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
>>> And I am not trying to argue and make claims about how inexcusable it
>>> is either.  I merely pointed out to Ted that he is not in the FreeBSD
>>> project and therefore does not have say.
>> Chad this is bullshit.  First of all the ENTIRE point of this new  
>> logo is
>> to increase USE of FreeBSD among the people that allegedly will not
>> use it because of religious "devil" objections.  IN SHORT, this logo
> This is factually incorrect.
> The purpose of having a logo to replace the mascot as a logo was to  
> project a more professional image.  And that is for the people in the  
> project who want to see FreeBSD taken more seriously as well as for  the 
> users.
> Beastie is a toy and unprofessional.  He is fun and can be a great  
> mascot.  But he is not a logo.
> As a similar example:  Apple Computer used to have a nice multi- colored 
> Apple logo.  It was nice, but kind of toy-like and got old.   Apple 
> replaced it with a much more professional looking modernized  one-color 
> version.  There was nothing wrong with the old version  except that it 
> got old and dated and looked unprofessional and more  toy-like.
> Same (generally speaking) is needed with FreeBSD.  FreeBSD needs to  
> take a step upwards and become more professional looking.  So think a  
> lot of users and obviously project members.  There is a minority who  is 
> offended by Beastie.  I can't help that.  A logo coincidentally  solves 
> their problem as well, but that is not the main point.  If you  think so 
> you need to pull your head out of your dogmatic sandpile.
> Chad
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This is somewhat troubling....If it cannot be seen that the FreeBSD 
community as a whole does not let the "layman's" views of what is 
considered "professional" dictate the way they live and make choices 
then this discussion is not going to end up anywhere .  The OS didn't 
come this far from following what was acceptable in the mainstream. Well 
that may not be entirely true but the point I am trying to make is that 
not using an OS based on what the logo is a lot like not hiring someone 
based on their looks.  While I know this happens these days, it is not 
company I would ever chose to work for.  The reasons are simple....1) it 
is just plain wrong, and 2) I am an UGLY dude!  My mom always told me 
that it is inside that counts and this is no different.

Now, if people do not want to use an OS on the basis of what they dream 
beastie represents, then what makes you think the same people are going 
to adopt FreeBSD when the logo changes.  The sex toy still has horns for 
christs sake!  That goes without saying that those same zealots would 
just have to put in a whole two minutes in google to find the resources 
that denounce the fact that beastie has anything the do with religion. 
To put it simply, these people do not want to know what is real.  Their 
whole premise is one of make let them play in blissful 
ignorance while the only thing we can do is be true to ourselves.  word.

FreeBSD has been a project that has put energy and time into things that 
have actually mattered.  This is far from that imo and is on the shallow 
end of the spectrum, if at all.  America as a whole is sick and trying 
to beat them at their own game is just going to make FreeBSD sick as well.

My $.02 is on the house.


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