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As Greg said, please stop this thread on this list.  You can discuss
it on other lists (such as -advocacy@), but -questions@ is not the
place to do.

At Tue, 1 Nov 2005 22:13:18 -0800,
Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
> Chad this is bullshit.  First of all the ENTIRE point of this new logo is
> to increase USE of FreeBSD among the people that allegedly will not
> use it because of religious "devil" objections.  IN SHORT, this logo
> And for the users that AREN'T EVEN CURRENTLY USERS YET!
> And you are arguing those users should not have a say because
> they are not in the project?  And the users in the project shouldn't
> have a say because their betters know better?  I thought FreeBSD
> was a collaborative, community effort.  Sounds a bit high-handed
> to me, don't you think?
> It's kind of like one day I show up at your door and say that "you
> need a neighborhood association" and proceed to go down to the
> city and go through all the paperwork and Bang - now there's a
> neighborhood association in charge of your neighborhood.  Then I
> proceed to get some deed restrictions passed that prohibit you
> from painting your house purple, or bright orange, or putting yard
> gnomes in your yard, in the name of neighborhood beautification.
> Then pretty soon I get the association to pass some rules that
> prohibit people from parking cars on the street in front of their
> house.  Then I get some rules requiring you to mow your lawn every
> weekend.
> You never asked for any of this but because "I" have gone through
> channels and manipulated the politics and paperwork that the city
> has setup for these associations, now you have to kowtow.  BUT,
> -I- and doing this FOR YOU.  Now, why aren't you appreciative?
> In any case from what I've seen the committers IN the project
> didn't have a say either.  They got to vote on the contest results,
> they DID NOT get to vote on whether to have the contest at all.
> Kind of like how most governments operate - you can choose a
> candidate but you can't choose to NOT have the position filled
> when it's clearly obvious its unneeded.
> If the Project really needed a logo separate from Beastie then
> we could have simply cut off his head and made the head the
> logo.  That's what NetBSD did a number of years ago before
> they got politically correctified.  But as I've pointed out before,
> Beastie WAS the logo!

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