periodic scripts execution order

Russell Cloran russell at
Wed Nov 2 04:58:00 PST 2005


I have a question regarding the execution order of periodic scripts. In
the default configuration, scripts in /etc/periodic/*/ are executed
before /usr/local/etc/periodic/*/, regardless of numbering.

Surely the sensible thing to do would be to execute scripts in an order
based on their numbering of the script, regardless of location? A patch
to /usr/sbin/periodic to make this happen would be fairly trivial ...
so, I'm wondering if there is a reason that the two are run separately? 

The way it currently runs there is no (elegant) way (that I can find) to
write a local script which updates data before the system scripts are
run. This would be nice to have. Should this be filed as a bug?

Thanks in advance,

echo| sed 's,t/.*,t,;P;s,.*//,,;s,\.,@,;'

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