Please stop off-topic postings (was: New Logo)

Greg 'groggy' Lehey grog at
Tue Nov 1 18:05:24 PST 2005

On Wednesday,  2 November 2005 at  2:52:21 +0000, Danny Pansters wrote:
> On Wednesday 2 November 2005 01:27, Steve Bertrand wrote:
>> -- snip --
>>> That's correct, but we should recall that this is a mailing
>>> list to ask technical questions, not discuss logos or flame
>>> people.  Discuss logos on the advocacy@ list; don't flame
>>> people on any list.
>> I don't post here often,
> You should have left it at that. The discussion is present now and
> open at -questions and if you want it to end quickly, have it be
> discussed and end there. Stonewalling is always
> counterproductive. It started at -questions and it will end at
> -questions. This is not flames, this is discussion (largely
> sollicited also).

Maybe I wasn't clear enough in my last message.  This mailing list is
for technical questions, not discussions.  To quote the rules to which
you agreed when you subscribed (see

  Rules of the road:

    * The topic of any posting should adhere to the basic charter of
      the list it is posted to, e.g. if the list is about technical
      issues then your posting should contain technical
      discussion. Ongoing irrelevant chatter or flaming only detracts
      from the value of the mailing list for everyone on it and will
      not be tolerated. For free-form discussion on no particular
      topic, the FreeBSD chat mailing list is freely available and
      should be used instead.

    * Personal attacks and profanity (in the context of an argument)
      are not allowed, and that includes users and developers
      alike. Gross breaches of netiquette, like excerpting or
      reposting private mail when permission to do so was not and
      would not be forthcoming, are frowned upon but not specifically
      enforced. However, there are also very few cases where such
      content would fit within the charter of a list and it would
      therefore probably rate a warning (or ban) on that basis alone.

Please don't discuss off-topic topics here.  Please stop now, not
after Yet Another Opinion.

When replying to this message, please copy the original recipients.
If you don't, I may ignore the reply or reply to the original recipients.
For more information, see
See complete headers for address and phone numbers.
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