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Danny Pansters danny at
Tue Nov 1 17:54:21 PST 2005

On Wednesday 2 November 2005 01:27, Steve Bertrand wrote:
> -- snip --
> > That's correct, but we should recall that this is a mailing
> > list to ask technical questions, not discuss logos or flame
> > people.  Discuss logos on the advocacy@ list; don't flame
> > people on any list.
> I don't post here often, 

You should have left it at that. The discussion is present now and open at 
-questions and if you want it to end quickly, have it be discussed and end 
there. Stonewalling is always counterproductive. It started at -questions and  
it will end at -questions. This is not flames, this is discussion (largely 
sollicited also).

Let people discuss what they want to discuss and suck up the result.

One person's flame is one other person's insightful comment. It's out there. 
Deal with it. If you don't feel qualified, don't interfere (that surely 
doesnt have anything to do with a logo generally).

My opinion,


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